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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Mountain Laurel Loop, Sunday January 26th trail work

Today I flagged the Mountain Laurel loop, yes in fact there are mountain Laurel’s at Mountain Laurel Trails! The Mountain Laurel Loop runs off the field loop and will eventually make its was all the way to the bottom through hillsides of Mountain Laurels with plenty of switchbacks to make it down the hill side […]

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January 19th 2013 Trail Building

Only managed to get about 3/10ths of a mile done today, very cold and windy outside and I’m still suffering from the effects of a head cold. Both my “boys” had other plansĀ  (can you blame them) so I was by myself. Re routed a section through a field to accommodate a new lower loop […]

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Trail Building Tips

Borrowed from: The International Mountain Bicycling Association Website 10 Most Common Trailbuilding Mistakes For as long as humans have been following trails, we’ve been making mistakes on trails. Still, our missteps – whether they left us in the digestive tracts of saber-toothed beasts or wandering the intestinal roadways of trail-encroaching suburbs – usually only affect […]

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Features that will not be included

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No Trails Building Today!

Well another weekend of rain that will stop any trail building this weekend. Cant wait till we catch some good weather!

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New Years Day, When will spring get here??

Didn’t get much trail work done today still kinda wet. Did get to prepare some of the equipment that will be used in trail building.   This is a trail drag I made to to the initial trail grooming after the heavy equipment is used. Its followed by a packer (also home made) that compacts […]

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