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2015 Zombie Apocalypses ride was a success!

With 11 riders and a bunch of Zombies the first annual Zombie Apocalypses ride was a success.Of the 11 people who took a leap of faith and rode the Zombie Apocalypses ride only 3 were bitten. One was attacked by a bear but survived until his girlfriend got a hold of him after the practical joke.

All 11 rode from the hills and dales of Mountain Laurel Trails and made it under their own power and crossed he finish line with smiles on their faces. Everyone I talked to said they had a fantastic night in the saddle and many said they plan to make it an annual tradition.
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3 Responses so far.

  1. Daniel Sheets says:

    Great job putting that event on Bob.

  2. Chase Davidson says:

    It was good to ride at Mountain Laurel again. A fun challenge in the dark too! Those Zombies running around in the woods were a nice touch. And the erie growls and snarls heard all through the woods. What or WHO made that screeching sound? That was spooky!

  3. Andrew Joyce says:

    Thanks for the great ride!

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