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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Great Weekend on the trails

With a trail work party and lots of riders, I would say we has a successful weekend @ Mountain Laurel Trails The trail team manages to rough cut about another 3/4 mile of trail on the yellow loop. With the trail machine ahead and working the ground this section should be very exciting. It has […]

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Trail Work August 29th 2015

Great day on the trails we cut about 3/4 of a mile of new trail on the yellow loop. Part of the trail is on a cliff side overlooking the swimming hole and the view is awesome! A big shout out to Geoffrey Cantley for taking time out of his busy schedule to come out […]

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Weekend Events @ Mountain Laurel Trails

  Hello Peeps, There are several events this weekend @ MLT. Saturday August 29th @2PM there will be a trail work party on the new part of the yellow trail Sunday August 30th @2PM there will be a no drop group trail ride on the trails For information please call Bob Norris @ 276-340-9144

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MLT Facebook Group

We have decided to add a facebook group for Mountain Laurel Trails to allow discussions. Our regular facebook page for MLT did not allow posting by folks and we think this would be a great idea to get the work out and exchange ideas about Mountain Biking, hiking, trail running and walking. Please visit our […]

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Need some help

Hi guys, could really use some help on the trails. Kicking off sticks, blowing, whatever. Please call Bob Norris @ 276-340-9144 thanks!

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Mountain Laurel Trails Jerseys

We ordered the first jersey and expect to see it in a few weeks, Once were happy with the design we will have some to offer. Jerseys will be sold at cost to our patrons and trail workers and regulars will get one for free! These jerseys will be made from breathable club jersey material […]

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Trail Machine Updates

Bob worked on the trail machine adding 2 more wet lines to the rig as to run a 4 way dozer blade with 2 sticks instead of the usual electric over hydraulic set up that most SK500 Trail Machines have. He also finished work on a 28″ tilt blade that will make cutting trails easier […]

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Trails All Clear

A large tree across the upper end of the red loop was dispatched by Bobby Norris today. If your out riding, walking, hiking or running the trails please report downed trees or obstacles to Bob. If you would like to help build, maintain or adopt a trail section also contact Bob @ 276-340-9144  

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