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Don’t short-cut trails!

Don’t short-cut trails.

The trail team has noticed several “short cuts” created by riders. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! If you see a shortcut please either block it off with branches and debris as well as report it by writing it on the white board at the visitors center.

When you create your own personal short-cuts within the trail system to get to another trail more quickly or to get around a tough section, you create a point of decision for the next rider that is not familiar with the trails.

What is a point-of-decision?
It’s where a rider has to stop riding their bike and say “Which way do I go now?”. Short-cutting is not cool. It is selfish. It is unnecessary. Please….don’t do it.

11 Responses so far.

  1. I agree totally, All riders need to STOP trail cutting. If you can’t ride it, walk it !!!!! It’s OK.

  2. Good advice. 👍

  3. Stephen Saunders says:

    As a new rider, I appreciate posts like this that help me learn more about what to do and not to do. 👍

  4. Guy Spiher Guy Spiher says:

    To ride the trails in the hills. Don’t cut the trails those are the rules be a rider don’t ride like fools…

  5. Guy Spiher Guy Spiher says:

    Most riders CAN ride the section or features.. They choose NOT to for selfish reasons

  6. Been preaching this for years.Most people that do this cutting trails never do trail work.If you need to cut through walk your bike and leave no trace.

  7. Cole Walker Cole Walker says:

    Trail cutting is for lazy douches…enjoy the trail as it is

  8. Guy Spiher Guy Spiher says:

    Or get yourself some Skillz to “enhance” the experience

  9. Guy Spiher Guy Spiher says:


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