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MLT plans and work fall/winter 2014-1015

We have plenty to do at MLT and could use some help if anyone would like to donate some time on ANY one of these details please call Bob at 276-340-9144 anytime.

Trail work that needs to be completed

  • Level Field trail below house, cut off grass
  • Berm at corner field loop downhill at fence corner
  • Jump after corner
  • 1 or 2 jumps down to spring house downhill
  • Small berm on corner at spring house downhill at spring house
  • Take out last woopty do at hill before cox loop
  • fix/bem/turn top of cox loop hill
  • fix 6 berms cox loop add jumps
  • berm at end of  top laurel loop top trail
  • loop out into woods across 4 wheeler trail top loop laurel trail
  • finish second laurel switchback, add loops, jumps
  • berm turn at bottom before crossing spring up to Berndie Hill
  • 3 berms at end of Berndie hill and start of creek loop
  • Iron loop re route after creek trail rock garden east side trail.
  • Cut down hill from creek trail to cabin
  • Finish 3 berms on club moss trail on the way back up to the trail head
  • Detect best way to cross creek to start on the east side 60 acres




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