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Mountain Laurel Loop, Sunday January 26th trail work

Today I flagged the Mountain Laurel loop, yes in fact there are
mountain Laurel’s at Mountain Laurel Trailsflagging!

The Mountain Laurel Loop runs off the field loop and will eventually make its was all the way to the bottom through hillsides of Mountain Laurels with plenty of switchbacks to make it down the hill side and back up. Once in the bottom there will be several trails, creek loop, cox loop, upper field loop and many more.

I am hoping to rent a mini excavator (that will not destroy the land) soon from Handy Rent All In Martinsville.

20140126_105419  I have used many things and ideas to create navigable trials throughout the property including a laser transit, (shown below) hand held peep sights and good old fashion eye balls.  I want to make sure there are features for all riders from newbies to experts.

Several of the trails include pasture areas that at some points in the year have Horses on them. No one likes to open gates so I have designed fence bridges that will allow foot traffic, bike and small motorized trail maintenance vehicles to enter and exit the pasture areas but horse’s wont use them.

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