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Mountain Laurel Trail Building March 8 and 9

Looks to be a good weekend and I will be rough cutting trails on Saturday March 8h from 1 to 5 or so and on Sunday March 9th most of the day. I’m renting the mini ex to expedite rough cutting in as much as I can. There will be hand tools and things if anyone wants to help out even for an hour or so. If interested please call my cell Two Seven Six Three Four Zero Nine One Four Four or email bob (at) bobnorris (dot) net. Im really hoping to get 3 miles or so done by spring :)

The Mini Ex is 27″ wide with a 16″ bucket which makes it ideal for single track building. The best trails are hand built but this is the next best thing as it does not cut a wide swath through the woods. As with any construction/destruction there will be hand follow up work to make the trail blend in as naturally as possible.




Mini Ex

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