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Mountain Laurel Trails March 2013 2nd Trail Building

Today was a great day for many reasons. One the weather
was awesome and my honey was on the trails “clipping”
Not sure if she will ever be able to rind the trails but she will
be able to hike them.1926654_10203315094335608_448814570_n






Had to re route a switchback on the Field Trail as one side of its was about a 15 degree angle making it difficult to climb. There was no decentĀ  down hill coming to it and it had some difficult turns on the approach so I made a simpler loop.








Work 20140302_153454also continued on the Laurel Trail with decent progress
being made. I’m getting close to the time where I will need the mini ex to finish the tough areas before spring so I can just ride












Mini Ex

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