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Pump Track Anyone?

We are still thinking of building a pump track at MLT. Everyone knows how much fun they are. We have the PERFECT place to build right next to the trail on an old horse riding ring that is HUGE and flat perfect for berms like the plan below but the few questions would be:

1. Would you use it?
2. Would you help build it?
3. Would you help maintain it?

Your input will determine the answer if we will go forward.


15 Responses so far.

  1. I think it would be far cooler for the pump track to be incorporated into a section of a trail instead of being separate.

  2. Yes that would be nice. This is a 13 595 foot flat area 50′ from the green loop so it would be easy access :)

  3. Andy Devault Andy Devault says:

    I.e. …..flow trail

  4. Could build a short redirect loop to the pt from the main trail right Andy Devault?

  5. The area where the flat spot is very close to the trail and it would be easy to make a connector

  6. I’d definitely use it. Having the time off the road to help with construction of the trail would be difficult to come by, but if I got the time I’d be happy to help out sometime.

  7. Andy Devault Andy Devault says:

    Yep yep absolutely could..would be cool!

  8. Chad Rhoads Chad Rhoads says:

    I’m in. For building and riding.

  9. Chad Rhoads Chad Rhoads says:

    You got access to good, clean red clay?

  10. That the actual layout? So sick haha

  11. You know I’m on board!

  12. OK I see there is interest, I would like to meet at the site to discuss, when is good for everyone?

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