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Second Saturdays Trail Work


Starting in February we will be having trail work days every second Saturday starting at 9am and running till. We are trying to make a push to finish the trails this year so there will be only maintenance needed after that, and or coarse RIDING!!!! :).WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP,, please? ;) Contact Bob Norris @ 276-340-9144, Matt Huckfeldt at the Chain of Fools Bike Shop or Chuck FrasierĀ  276-340-9881 for information. Also join our Newsletter and like us on Facebook to keep up with information on work days and rides. We are currently at about 8 miles and hope to finish with about 10 0r 12.

Some of the Plans for this year include:

Finishing berms jumps and switchbacks on the yellow loop
Adding to the cox loop
Pump Track
More berms and jumps on the green loop
Skinnies, rock gardens and creek crossings
Complete the new “Lora” loop
Add a Andy “Super D” downhill section
Add trail building at trailhead that will have supplies, refreshments and be a gathering place.
Below is a list of Volunteer Trail workers, without them we could never have done this

You’ll never look at a trail the same way again after you help serve our outdoor mountain biking and hiking community by volunteering with the Trail Team on an Adventure Weekend of Trail Building on several super trails in and around the MHC and surrounding areas.

Building biking and hiking trails require careful thought and planning to achieve the ultimate goal of building environmentally friendly self sustaining and exciting trails that all can enjoy. All tools and instruction will be supplied as well as drinks and lunch on longer builds.

Difficulty: This build project will entail a wide range of tasks for various skill levels. Some tasks are strenuous, such as lifting rocks, breaking tree roots, removing deadwood, while other tasks may include racking leaves and moss or hand clipping low hanging branches. Either way, plan on getting dirty and a good workout by the end of the day!

Children Policy: This event is open to ages 12 and up
Where: in MHC, Cedar Ridge Trails, Mountain Laurel Trails, Fieldale Trails and other locations to be determined. Out of town trips to support other teams and build trails include Anglers Ridge in Danville, Dehart park in Stuart and Philpot lake.
When: Work parties are scheduled and posted on our website and facebook as well as through our newsletter.
Cost: FREE Volunteer Events. Registration not required but please let us know if you will attend.

If you would like to join the team, please contact Bob Norris @ 276-340-9144Bob Norris

Below is a list of folks who have worked on and supported the trail complex. A Big thanks you to all!

Berndie Lundsford
Chuck Fraizer
James (cooter) Church
Matt Huckfeldt
Eric Chron
Will Brown
Jim Frith
Daniel Sheets
Jeffery Cantley
Butch Trimpy
Brandon Morgan
Chase Davidson
Alan Agee
Brittney Hatcher
Bobby Norris
Andy Norris
Carla Norris
Bob Norris
Mark Dujmovic
Ashton Edwards



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