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Trail Runnng

We are wondering if there would be any interest in organized trail running here in MHC. We have the perfect trail for it. Please let Bob Norris know @ 276-340-9144 or reply in our Facebook Group HERE

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  1. Ashley Crouch says:

    Sounds like fun to me! I have a crazy schedule but if I can work it out, Jonah and I will be there!

  2. I’m interested in it, but I would be jogging a fairly slow pace because I would bring my puppy. If that’s ok…..

  3. Awesome just asked Matt about this Danville Running and Fitness girls are ready to come now

  4. I would love this!

  5. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    Somebody head this up and i will make sure the trails are right :)

  6. Need someone who knows the way

  7. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    Trails are easy to follow and marked well

  8. Jayme Clark Jayme Clark says:

    August 8th I will be at the trails that afternoon to head the first run if we can get some people to be there.

  9. Jayme Clark Jayme Clark says:

    Let’s say 530 pm that day I will be there to lead the run

  10. Jason Dove Jason Dove says:

    Bob Norris…look forward to running out there very soon. Only 12 more days until rehab ( meniscus ) is over!!

  11. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    Jayme Clark let me know if you get any takers and I”ll create the event :)

  12. Mark McKelvy Mark McKelvy says:

    You still around here Katelyn Vonfeldt?

  13. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    Nevermind I just went ahead and added it.

  14. That’s great Jayme but Monday’s for the next 4 weeks are a no go for me Maybe you’ll be available to lead again another time

  15. Jayme Clark several ladies from Danville training Spartan etc have asked for trail runs here I’ll check in with them

  16. Of course this is after I move… I’m two hours away now

  17. I can make it but I will be a little late. But start without me. I hope other people can make it

  18. On vacation that week but def want to join future runs! What mileage are we talking about?

  19. I trail run there frequently with my hubby

  20. I trail run there frequently with my hubby

  21. Terri O Cook Terri O Cook says:


  22. Terri O Cook will do lets find a time y’all can come we’ll make it happen

  23. Terri O Cook Terri O Cook says:


  24. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    Terri have your hubby contact me about our group mountain bike rides

  25. Terri O Cook Terri O Cook says:

    Bob Norris, hes just beginning on the mountain bike…just got it about 2 weeks ago. we both would be beginners on the mountain bike…i know its different than road bike!! lol

  26. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    Tell him I work with all levels of riders we actually have a beginners mountain bike group on Fridays at 6:30 if he’s interested

  27. Terri O Cook Terri O Cook says:

    Bob Norris i saw that!! we both may come to that sometime when i dont have a ton of cakes to work on!! ; o

  28. Jayme Clark Jayme Clark says:

    If Mondays aren’t good what day would be good for most?

  29. I would say probably on Thursdays. But just set a day that works for you, and maybe you can change it up accordingly to what day others want.

  30. Jayme Clark Jayme Clark says:

    We will do this Monday bc it’s the only day I have off. Then we will switch it up

  31. Me and Bobby Carlsen ran these trails and loved them.

  32. Is the trail run still happening?

  33. It’s cancelled because of rain 🚿

  34. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    Would anyone like to step up and lead runs? I can promote and let folks know. Perhaps a set day/time of the week?? Open for suggestions

  35. I’m willing to meet on Wednesdays at 6, if we don’t get much rain

  36. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    Want me to create an event for next Wednesday Brittany Hatcher?

  37. Yeah. Let’s see if anyone is interested

  38. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    Shweet! Wish I could run

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