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Trail Work 3/9

Spent several hours today working on the trails.

Added “Huckfeldt Hop” after coming out of the laurel loop where the trail crosses the skinny board before heading up Berndie Hill now has a berm and a jump

Broken Ankle Bend fixed

Fixed Bills berm added longer exit

Cleared stump on new cox loop exit re route

Cleared stump at end of laurel loop


6 Responses so far.

  1. Steve Moran says:

    Awesome work as always Bob.

  2. Bob Norris says:

    When are we going to see you bro?

  3. Steve Moran says:

    Hopefully soon. Graduation is May 6th and then I take the board exams. I hope to get back to a normal life after that. It will include a lot of riding!

  4. Steve Moran says:

    By the way, some summer time night rides would be awesome at MLT.

  5. Bob Norris says:

    We can do that!

  6. Bob Norris says:

    Its really fun in the dark ;)

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