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Trail Work October 22-23


Ok peeps, we all want to see Killa hill done so here’s the deal. Last Saturday 5 of us completed about 1/3 of the loop soup to nuts. Since then Bob has pushed all the way with the machine. This leaves hand work. Fortunately the machine does a pretty good job of finishing but will not cut roots shape and hand rake. So what we thought we would try is an open house Killa-Hill let’s get this done marathon. ALL the tools will be on the trail Friday night so if ANYONE has time call Bob and let him know you will be there and he will explain what needs to be done. The more that help the faster it gets done. We figure about 4-6 hours should do it depending on how many show. So come out for an hour, two, three or more,, oh and bring a friend. Killa hill will rock!!

anybody going to work on Killa Hill walk half way down the Fire Road and dip into the trail there keep walking downhill till you run into the pile of tools and thats where you need to start just move the tools down as you work and wherever you leave them the next person pickup. Thanks

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