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Yellow Loop Challenge Update 7/29

2 days left!



Ok folks were halfway through the July Yellow Loop Challenge and you still have time to get a run in. Below is the current leader board. More info HERE


13 Responses so far.

  1. Current Leader Board, Some tight runs there!

  2. I see you kicked some Ass keep it up!

  3. Daren Layman getting it done!! #mssuckselite!

  4. That’s a tight spread!

  5. How do I run the loop? I am coming in the morning to put my time in :)

  6. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    You have to use strava, it records the segment. Go red then over first bridge on yellow. Time starts there and runs about 3 1/2 miles to second (big) bridge. Current second place rider rides a single speed like you :)

  7. Cool I have strata just didn’t know what yellow markers to follow

  8. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    Kewl, stay on yellow and haul a$$

  9. Funny I just saw I’m in 10th – must have been when I rode that Sunday July 3. Will have to see if I can beat it tomorrow

  10. Bob Norris Bob Norris says:

    I’d like to break 30 before it’s over, can I borrow your dirt bike? ;)

  11. I won’t be able to ride tomorrow but I hope this time keeps me in third place

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